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An emergency dentist in a white coat and mask treats a patient wearing protective eyewear. This image highlights the availability of affordable emergency dentist services in Joliet, IL, for those seeking an emergency dentist near me.

Emergency Dentist in Joliet, IL

If you are facing a dental emergency in Joliet, IL, call the emergency dentist Joliet at Smile League Dental on 815-782-6243 or click here to book an appointment. We offer same-day emergency appointments because we understand the pain and stress that a dental emergency can cause. Contact a member of our team as soon as you can, and we will set up an appointment immediately.


If you are facing an urgent dental need, reach out to our emergency dentists immediately. Don’t wait any longer than is necessary, as waiting too long can cause even more damage to your oral health. We provide emergency dentist services and can be available to attend to your urgent need as soon as possible. Although we may not be available in the clinic 24/7, our phone lines are readily available 24/7 for a live representative to speak with you to take down your emergency and schedule an appointment. If you’re looking for emergency dentist Joliet IL, we are here to help.

Common types of dental emergencies Treated by Emergency Dentist Joliet

Knowing when you need urgent dental help and what to do can be the difference between saving your tooth or damaging your oral health. For instance, a knocked-out tooth will need to be treated by an emergency dentist Joliet the same day, regardless of whether it happened during office hours or not.

Delaying unnecessarily or postponing a dental appointment to the next day may cause you to lose your tooth. This will, in turn, require expensive dental restorations in the future, if you will recover your oral health.

We understand the urgent need that can arise in this situation, and this is why we provide emergency dentist services. However, it is up to you to call us once you suspect you may require instant dental care. As such, you should understand what types of dental emergencies there and how to react.

As a general rule, if you are in severe dental pain, or have lacerated gums, cheeks, or tongue, you will need swift attention from a dental professional. Events of this nature can cause severe pain and even more damage. Call our emergency dentist immediately if you experience this. Other situations where you will need immediate care also include the following:

  • Loose tooth
  • Dental abscess
  • Severely broken, cracked, or chipped tooth
  • Severe toothache
  • Broken tooth

If you suffered any of these dental injuries outside office hours, we can still help you. Call our office immediately to receive instructions on how an appointment can be set up to cater to your urgent need. If you are looking for an affordable emergency dentist or an emergency dentist near me, Smile League Dental is here to assist you.

An emergency dentist examines a patient's braces with dental tools. This highlights affordable emergency dentist services in Joliet, IL, for those seeking an emergency dentist near me.

Take action to prevent expensive dental restorations

Immediately after suffering serious dental trauma, there are actions you should take to preserve your dental health even before seeking emergency attention. In the same manner, there are things you should not do. Pay attention to the following:


A toothache can be caused by many things, including food caught between teeth. If you are experiencing mild toothache and you suspect it is caused by food particles between your teeth, flossing can help. You can also try rinsing out your mouth with warm water to soften up the food particles and shake them loose.

If the pain does not subside or if you are experiencing much more severe pain, schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist Joliet for quick relief. If the pain is caused by a cavity, our dentist can work to restore the tooth using a filling or crown.

A broken, cracked, or chipped tooth

Although it often sounds like a minimal event, having a broken, cracked or chipped tooth can be a painful experience. But it is necessary to be extra careful here as you may lose even more of your tooth if you act rashly. The first thing you should do is rinse your mouth with cold water, then apply a cold compress to the side of your face, to help reduce the pain.

Do not try chewing anything while you are in this condition. You may end up damaging the tooth more. Also, do not put crushed aspirin on your tooth to help with the pain. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t work, you may damage your gums and enamel by doing this.

Gum abscess

An abscess is a swelling on your gum that may feel tender and may often be very painful. On no account should you try to pop a gum abscess like a pimple. You should immediately schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist Joliet IL to safely drain the abscess.

The extent of the infection will determine if you need scaling and root planning or even total extraction of the tooth. Do not assume it will go away on its own. If it bursts in your mouth without proper attention, it may only complicate your oral health further.

Knocked out tooth

There are many events that may cause a knocked-out tooth, and most of them involve significant pain and trauma. If you intend to save your tooth, the first thing you should do is call our office. Saving your tooth will depend on how fast you can receive emergency dentist services.

You also need to handle to tooth extra carefully. Pick it up by the crown (the part you chew with), gently rinse it, and try placing it back in your mouth. If it doesn’t stay put, take it out and wrap it in clean gauze then submerge it in milk or saliva to keep it moist. If you don’t, the tooth will dry out and crack.

Loose tooth

There are similarly many things that may cause your tooth to become loose. This may be due to prior tooth loss, receding gums, or bone loss in your jaw. If you are experiencing a loose tooth, don’t apply any force on it or try to chew with it. Contact our office immediately so our affordable emergency dentist can examine you and advise on how to save your tooth. For those searching for an emergency dentist near me, Smile League Dental is here to assist you promptly.

Contact Emergency Dentist Joliet

Quick thinking and swift action will often be necessary to save your oral health and prevent expensive dental restorations in the future. If you are experiencing dental pain or discomfort, we recommend that you seek treatment as soon as possible. Don’t put off your access to relief only because it’s outside office hours. Our emergency dentist can still help.

Even if your dental emergency was not listed here, contact our family dental practice. We are well experienced at dealing with emergencies of all kinds and preserving your ability to smile guilelessly. We can handle whatever emergency you are experiencing.

If you need emergency dental attention, don’t wait until it is too late. Contact our emergency dentist Joliet at 815-782-6243 to secure swift attention today.

A family holding large photos of smiling teeth in front of their faces. This image emphasizes the availability of affordable emergency dentist services in Joliet, IL, for those seeking an emergency dentist near me.

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