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A comparison of a patient's teeth before and after a teeth whitening procedure. This highlights the effectiveness of teeth whitening in Joliet, IL, for those seeking teeth whitening near me

Teeth Whitening in Joliet, Shorewood, New Lenox and Lockport

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental services performed today. There’s nothing better than a bright, confident smile when the teeth are pearly white. Whether you are going out on a date, for an interview, or just doing your daily activities, white teeth give a significant boost to your look and self-esteem.

But let’s get real: even if you brush twice a day and follow good oral hygiene, your teeth may become stained and discolored from the food you eat and the buildup of bacteria in the oral cavity. To combat this, consider a professional teeth whitening procedure. It is not advisable to try DIY teeth whitening methods as they can do more harm than good. 

The Causes of Tooth Discoloration and Teeth Whitening Joliet IL Solutions


Factors like diet, age, genetics, certain medications (such as tetracycline), and some unhealthy habits (such as smoking) can make your teeth appear yellowish and stained, or cause them to lose their luster. Teeth whitening is a great option to achieve brighter, whiter, and shinier teeth that you have always desired.

The teeth whitening procedure is typically very short. You may be satisfied with the results after the first session or may require further treatment, depending on the level of staining and desired whiteness. For those looking for teeth whitening near me, Smile League Dental offers professional teeth whitening in Joliet.

A close-up of a woman's bright, white smile after a teeth whitening procedure. This showcases the results of teeth whitening in Joliet, IL, for those seeking teeth whitening near me.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure

The teeth whitening procedure is a fast and easy way to brighten your teeth and improve your smile. It involves bleaching your teeth to make them lighter without causing any damage. The stains are broken down into small pieces, reducing the concentration of the color to make your teeth look brighter.

This procedure may not completely change the color of your teeth. Who would want their teeth to turn blinding white like Ross’s from ‘Friends’ anyway?

However, your teeth will surely go several shades lighter to improve your smile. The procedure is non-invasive and yields amazing results instantly!

The answer to how long the results last varies from individual to individual. You should consider avoiding the consumption of tea, coffee, wine, and chocolates. Smoking along with natural dental aging, and wear of teeth may also play a crucial role. If you’re searching for teeth whitening near me, Smile League Dental offers expert services to help you achieve a brighter smile.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening

What is Philips Zoom In-office teeth whitening?

Philips Zoom in-office teeth whitening is a bleaching treatment for the teeth to help achieve a brighter smile.

What causes teeth discolorations?
There are a few causes of teeth discoloration including, aging (the older we get the more our whitest enamel layer “rubs away”, leaving the darker shaded dentin layer), some drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco (contains substances like tar and nicotine which stain the teeth yellow), and certain medications.
Can everyone benefit from teeth whitening, including Philips Zoom In-office teeth whitening?
Although teeth whitening can have many great benefits, including a brighter smile and good self-esteem, it may not be for everyone. Your dentist will be able to evaluate your oral condition as well as your medical condition to determine if it is right for you.
How does Philips Zoom In-office teeth whitening work?
Philips Zoom In-office teeth whitening is done in the dentist’s office with advanced LED light- accelerated technology with 25% hydrogen peroxide formulation and can improve the color shade of teeth in fewer minutes, and up to eight shades brighter. The protocol involves establishing safety for your oral tissues (to prevent spilling of the chemical to your tissues during treatment), applying hydrogen peroxide, which works by releasing oxygen to the surface of your teeth, hence removing colored substances. The Zoom LED light focuses on increasing the penetration of hydrogen peroxide to deeper tissues. Desensitizing gel to reduce sensitivity is also applied, and lastly, you go home with a custom-made tray/guard with more instructions whitening material to continue the teeth whitening protocol at home.
How long does the result last?
Philips Zoom In-office whitening unlike other whitening materials has a longer sustaining brightness due to deeper penetrations according to an in vivo study1.
How long does the Philips Zoom teeth whitening process take?
For such efficacy in whitening your teeth, a considerably long chair time is justified. However, with the Philips Zoom teeth whitening protocol using the LED lightening system, an average time of 45 minutes is expected. At Smile League Dental, we have TV shows including Netflix or any of your popular favorite channels to keep your company.
Are there any side effects from teeth whitening?
Sometimes, one may experience teeth sensitivity, which occurs when the peroxide has gotten past the enamel to the dentin’s soft layer, causing irritation in the nerve. With Philips Zoom teeth whitening protocol, more attention is paid to managing sensitivity in general than other whitening products. A study reported no sensitivity in more than 98% of participants who got the Philips Zoom teeth whitening protocol compared to participants who got another bleaching product.
A smiling woman with bright, white teeth, showcasing the results of a teeth whitening procedure. This image highlights the benefits of teeth whitening in Joliet, IL, for those seeking teeth whitening near me.

Why Choose Us

Choosing the right teeth whitening procedure is crucial to achieving the desired results. At Smile League Dental, the dentist will assess the condition of your teeth and determine your needs to develop the ideal treatment plan.

Our teeth whitening specialists use the best quality tools and materials to ensure the best possible results that exceed your expectations. The dentist will walk you through the entire procedure, keeping your comfort and satisfaction in mind.

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