Where Can I Get Aligners Since Smile Direct Club Shut Down?

Where Can I Get Aligners Since Smile Direct Club Shut Down?

SmileDirectClub, which gained popularity for offering clear dental aligners as a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional braces, is now closing its doors. The company has served over two million customers since its inception in 2014. Unfortunately, despite its initial promise, SmileDirectClub struggled financially, reporting losses of $86.4 million in 2022 and eventually filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Smile Direct Customers Left In State Of Uncertainty

Existing SmileDirectClub customers have been left in a state of uncertainty. The company’s telehealth aligner treatments are no longer available, and customer orders that still need to be shipped have been canceled. The “Lifetime Smile Guarantee” has also been discontinued, further adding to the confusion. SmileDirectClub suggests that Smile Pay customers should continue making payments, compounding the frustration for many.

Moreover, customer-care support is no longer provided. The company has advised customers to consult their local dentists or orthodontists for alternative treatments. Details about potential refunds are pending and will be determined as part of the bankruptcy process.

SmileDirectClub’s closure means they must liquidate their assets, raising concerns about whether customers will receive compensation. Unfortunately, those who signed up or made payments after the company’s bankruptcy filing in September will likely be prioritized, leaving many early customers without recourse.

Dr. Myron Guymon, President of the American Association of Orthodontists, speculates that tens of thousands of individuals could be affected by SmileDirectClub’s closure. Many of these individuals have invested time and money in their treatment, only to find themselves without ongoing care.

The Perils Of DIY Dentistry

Over the years, dental associations worldwide have raised concerns about direct-to-consumer aligner treatments, often referred to as “DIY” dentistry. These treatments do not require in-person visits to a dentist or orthodontist, potentially leading to overlooked oral health issues. Many former direct-to-consumer aligner patients eventually seek orthodontic care for reevaluation, often discovering problems like gum disease and bite issues.

SmileDirectClub is one of many direct-to-consumer dental aligner providers on the market, but concerns persist about the need for more direct supervision and patient-doctor relationships. This business model raises questions about patient safety and the ability to address problems promptly.

While teledentistry can improve access to dental care, it should be within established safety guidelines. Patients can benefit from remote monitoring between in-person treatments, but it’s crucial to maintain a patient-doctor relationship to ensure the best possible outcomes for orthodontic treatment.

Reliable Alternatives For Aligner Treatments

In light of SmileDirectClub’s closure, it’s crucial for individuals seeking aligner treatments to explore reliable alternatives. One such option is “Smile League Dental” in Joliet, Illinois, where you can expect personalized care and unwavering support throughout your orthodontic journey. 

At Smile League Dental, you’ll benefit from a team of experienced professionals who prioritize your oral health and well-being. They understand that orthodontic treatment is not just about achieving a straighter smile but also about maintaining your overall oral health. With their guidance, you can rest assured that your treatment will be carried out safely and effectively.

Your Journey to Confidence Begins With Smile League Dental

Choosing Smile League Dental means choosing quality care and a commitment to your long-term oral health. Don’t let SmileDirectClub’s closure deter you from achieving the smile you’ve always wanted. Your journey to a confident, beautiful smile begins with a call to Smile League Dental in Joliet, Illinois. Contact our dental aligner professionals in Joliet at 815-782-6243 to learn more about your options and take the next step toward your dream smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry and What It Entails

Cosmetic Dentistry and What It Entails

Nobody needs to be confused or worried about getting cosmetic dentistry. It’s really very approachable for most people. In fact, many of the people you know might have already had these types of procedures.

Let’s take a look at the entire process of going to a cosmetic dentist from start to finish. You might notice that it’s pretty similar to going to a regular dentist — partly because your family dentist probably has a cosmetic practice. If you have any questions or you’d like to make an appointment, please reach out to Smile League Dental at any point.


Your first step with any cosmetic procedure will be a consultation. This might happen during a regular checkup when the dentist notices something. Otherwise, you might come in for a specific appointment.


After you have identified the problem you want to solve, it’s time to think about solutions. This is the hardest part for most patients.

There are usually a number of different ways to address any specific cosmetic challenge that you’re facing. Choosing between all of the options means balancing cost, schedule, and end result against your own personal preferences and expectations.

The best dentists should be able to highlight some of the options that will work for your unique situation. Make sure that you work with someone you trust during this planning phase, and the rest of your experience should be great.


After you plan everything, you will undergo the procedure you selected. This could be as simple as a same-day teeth whitening, or it could involve a multistage process. You might need to wait a little longer to start the more complicated options, as they can require advanced imaging, molds of your teeth, and manufacturing of advanced prosthetics.

Cosmetic procedures have come a long way in recent years. They are now more accessible and they can provide more natural-looking results than ever before.

Recovery (If Applicable)

Some cosmetic dentistry might require recovery or some type of downtime. For example, many people get a temporary crown as a placeholder before their new prosthetic can be installed. Implants tend to be sore for a short period before they become as natural-feeling as original teeth.

On the other hand, some cosmetic procedures result in virtually zero discomfort. Teeth whitening, for example, basically only requires you to open your mouth for the dentist.

If a recovery period might not fit into your plans, then you will definitely want to discuss that during the planning phase with your dentist. One common example is getting cosmetic dental procedures in preparation for a wedding — you might want to start planning well in advance for these types of events.


The final stage of any cosmetic dental procedure is enjoying your new smile and sharing it with those around you. Let us help you get there — reach out for an appointment today at our Joliet cosmetic dentistry center.