How To Find the Best Dentist in Joliet

How To Find the Best Dentist in Joliet

How can you find the best dentist in Joliet? Congratulations, because in our opinion — and our patients’ opinions — you’ve already found it.

Smile League Dental is on a mission to put a smile on your face. We embody the approach and the standards we would want in a dentist. You really don’t need to look any further, and the good news is that we’re currently accepting new patients.

We’re going to talk some more about what makes Smile League the top-rated dentist in Joliet, but you’re invited to come in and see for yourself. Contact us soon to make an appointment — we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

All the Services You and Your Family Needs

One of the reasons people recommend our office is our range of services. We provide:

  • Invisalign
  • Tooth cleaning and preventive appointments
  • Crowns, bridges, and implants
  • Teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry
  • Dental imaging
  • Root canal
  • Emergency care

Whether our patients are 8 or 88, we have what it takes to put a smile on their faces. We’re also highly conscious of our patients’ overall needs. We get to know people, and we only make recommendations after taking the entire situation into consideration.

Positive Experiences and Good People

We’re a business, but we’re also a community. Smile League is about increasing happiness, whether it’s through our top-quality dental services, through the way we provide them, or through our dedication to helping people.

A special point of pride is our reputation. Our patients love having a dentist they can feel comfortable with and trust, and we love having the support of so many great people. Feel free to check out our online reviews to get an idea of what people are saying about us.

A Convenient Location

Some of our patients travel a good distance to see us, and it’s wonderful to have that kind of loyalty. However, most people don’t need to go too far.

Smile League is right by the U.S. 30 and I-55 interchange, near one of the biggest shopping areas in town. You might already be in our neighborhood more often than you realize.

It’s important to have someone nearby — important for more than just convenience. We always set aside time so we can accept emergency calls. Although it’s unlikely that you’re reading this with a dental emergency, please reach out immediately if you’re suffering in some way. We will fit you in as soon as possible.

Contact Smile League

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. If you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, we’d be happy to hear from you. Call our Joliet family dentists now at 815-782-6243.

How To Find a Dentist Near Me That Accepts Medicaid

How To Find a Dentist Near Me That Accepts Medicaid

Many Joliet general dentist offices (including ours here at Smile League) accept Medicaid — the easiest way is simply to call and ask. Alternatively, you can search for the phrase “dentist near me that accepts Medicaid” in a search engine, such as Google.

Searching the internet works better than you might expect for this. That’s because most dentists publish the fact that they accept Medicaid.

If you are enrolled in a managed care plan, check your membership card. There should be a phone number on the back that you can call to get a list of dentists in your area who accept Medicaid.


DentaQuest is recommended by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services for people who are enrolled in Medicare but do not have a managed care plan. DentaQuest works if you want a broad range of possible options.

Keep in mind that DentaQuest might update its interface at any time. If you need help, feel free to contact us here at Smile League or ask for advice the next time you come in for an appointment.

Searching the DentaQuest Database

There are a number of ways to access the information, but the easiest way is typically to enter “DentaQuest” on Google or navigate to and use the main website’s search wizard.

Once you have found the official website, you’re ready to start searching. Currently, if you are using a laptop or desktop computer, you should find the option to “Find A Provider” in the upper-right-hand corner of the website’s front page. If you are using a mobile device, such as a tablet or a cell phone, you will probably have to select the menu in the upper left to find this option.

You should be prompted to select the option for Medicare/Medicaid. You’ll then get a list of the different states.

Once you select Illinois, you’ll see an option to select the type of plan you have. After you select the right category, you’ll finally be able to enter your ZIP code and search for dentists who provide the types of services you need. DentaQuest is a bit of work, but there are some advantages:

  • You can search by dental specialty
  • Dentists can indicate whether they are accepting new patients
  • Each office provides a list of plans that it accepts

Pick Up the Phone

As you can see, you need to have a lot of information at your fingertips to use DentaQuest. Additionally, once you find a list of providers, you will still need to call in order to confirm that they do accept your specific plan.

Unless you need the advanced information in DentaQuest, we would generally recommend that you just call dentists you find on online directories such as Google Maps. The benefit of this approach is that you can read reviews and contact the dentist without going through a complex search process. Of course, you can also feel free to contact us here at Smile League at 815-782-6243.