Ever wondered what replacement options are available when missing a tooth or teeth?

Missing teeth can make you quite aware of how important they are to your dental health and your looks. The teeth have been designed to help you smile, speak, and chew and if you are missing some teeth, it can be hard to do some of these things. Losing even a back tooth can lead to shifting of the mouth and the dental formula making your face appear older. The good news is that you can easily replace missing teeth using implants, fixed bridges or dentures. Based on what you need, the doctor will suggest an advisable replacement option. Replacement teeth are designed to last for several years, so it is essential to select a treatment that is good for you.


Dentist in Joliet- Dental implant

Most patients will choose dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth or to support a complete set of dentures. They are dental posts that are placed in the lower or upper jaw surgically to act as a strong anchor for the replacement teeth. They are made using a strong yet lightweight metal known as titanium or other materials accepted by the body. Dental implants are very popular as a replacement option because they are stable and secure making them an appropriate replacement. In order to get implants, you should be in good health overall for you to get the surgery required. You also need to have sufficient bone to support the dental implant. If not, you will need surgery to develop the area that requires the implant. You will also have to commit to regular dental visits and a daily oral care routine.

Fixed Bridge

Dentist in Joliet- crowns and bridges

This is a replacement option that involves filling the space where the teeth were lost by cementing or bonding a fixed bridge into place. There are resin-bonded bridges and tooth-supported fixed bridges. Tooth-supported fixed bridges are a common alternative to dental implants if you are missing a single tooth. They involve the intentional damage of the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap to support and attach the bridge. This type of bridge does not encourage bone growth naturally underneath it meaning the bone can deteriorate with time. Resin-bonded bridges or Maryland Bridges are often considered to replace front teeth because they do not endure the chewing and biting demands of the back teeth. This bridge has wings on each direction to attach to the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap. However, it does not involve grinding down the other teeth. A resin-bonded bridge is better in terms of function and appearance but it is weaker than fixed bridgework and does not last as long as implants do.

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Affordable Dentures

Dentist in Joliet- Denture

Dentures fall into removable complete dentures and removable partial dentures. While complete dentures are replacement options for people with no teeth, removal partial dentures, replace partially lost teeth. Dentures will help you fill out your profile and facial appearance, and give you back your smile. They can be designed to look like your natural teeth. New dentures can feel awkward for several weeks and it will take time to get used to them. They might feel loose until your tongue and cheeks learn how to keep the dentures in place. Overdentures or All-on-four implant supported dentures involve the insertion of implants in the bone or arch. These implants further reinforce the stability of the dentures, as it grips and stabilizes the dentures better. That way, no matter how many candle sticks you blow, they never pop out. Speak with your Doctor about your options.

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