As one of the better states for dental in the country, Illinois Medicaid covers a range of dental procedures for kids and adults. However, the best way to know for sure is simply to ask your dentist (or your plan provider) about coverage. Smile League is here for you — we’ll do everything we can to help you get access to the dental care that you and yours need. Our Joliet family dental practice has plenty of experience with a wide range of insurance, Medicaid plan managers, and standard Illinois Medicaid. We even have some interest-free financing options for things that aren’t covered.

General Rules for What Procedures Are Covered

Medicaid in Illinois generally covers the majority of medically necessary dental procedures you would encounter. For example, if a child has dangerously crooked or twisted teeth, Medicaid might cover some orthodontic costs to correct that condition with braces. On the other hand, you probably would not see Medicaid covering most procedures that are considered cosmetic. Another child with only slightly crooked teeth probably would not have coverage for braces, for example. Tooth whitening would probably not be covered, nor would cosmetic prosthetics. Another thing to consider is the need for approval. Sometimes, your dentist might need to confirm approval of the procedure before doing it. There are some big exceptions — for example, don’t worry about pre-approval if you have a dental emergency.

Understanding Illinois Medicaid

Illinois Medicaid can be confusing, even if you have had it for a while. Some people avoid going to the dentist just because they’re not sure if they have coverage. Especially for kids, most of the things you need are covered. Others have different ways to pay that you can probably afford. Our team is here to help you — our Joliet neighbors — figure out how to get the care you need for you and your family. You’ll find a long list on our website of all the Medicaid versions our office handles. If you don’t want to read through it, that’s fine too. All we will need is your credentials, and we can confirm everything before we get started. You can even contact us to confirm coverage beforehand if you’re somewhere else in Chicagoland — or if you just don’t have time to stop by. The whole process should only take a few minutes, and then you’ll know.

Get Some Personal Advice

When it comes to dental procedures, we are talking about a very personal thing. This is your set of teeth, and any work you do should fit your personal needs. An appropriate procedure for someone else might not be the right one for you. If you’re ready to get started, please come by for a consultation. We’ll help you understand your options — both in terms of treatment and in terms of getting the most out of your Illinois Medicaid coverage.