There are many ways that teeth can lose their shiny, white luster. Coffee, tea, red wine, cola drinks, and many foods can cause dental staining and discoloration. It can be tempting to reach for the nearest over-the-counter whitening solution when you decide that you want a brighter smile. However, you should first consider the benefits of making an in-office whitening appointment:

Quicker results

At-home teeth whitening kits may be readily available at the drugstore, but they take much longer to whiten your teeth than an in-office procedure does. Most at-home whitening kits require the user to apply the product on a daily basis for weeks or longer in order to see any effect. When you make a dentist appointment to whiten your teeth, you can expect a much quicker process. It’s exciting to see an immediate change in the appearance of your teeth without the risk of doing it yourself.


At-home whitening kits can seem like a more affordable option than professional services, but when you factor in the risk to the health of your teeth and gums that at-home products present, this is not necessarily the case! Sometimes at-home kits can do more harm than good.

The active ingredient in many whitening kits is peroxide, which lightens the color of your teeth. Many people do not realize that they must handle peroxide with care, as it acts by breaking down your tooth’s enamel. Tooth enamel is important–it protects from cavities and keeps your teeth strong. The misuse of any product that disrupts enamel can have negative effects on your oral well-being.

Many users of at-home whitening products complain that they cause their teeth to become sensitive. Using too much of a product’s solution, or using the product improperly can result in teeth with weakened enamel and increased sensitivity.

Opting for an in-office whitening procedure can greatly mitigate the risk of hurting your teeth. A dentist will make sure your teeth are properly cleaned so that whitening will be safer and more effective. They will make sure that any issues (such as cracked teeth or gum disease) are properly addressed before your simple and non-invasive procedure begins.


Many at-home whitening products are not as effective as they are marketed to be. Whitening strips might not reach all of your teeth, causing some teeth to remain discolored while others are whitened. Stock whitening trays might not fit your mouth correctly, causing an uneven whitening.

Professional treatment

Before you choose a teeth-whitening option, it is a good idea to consult with your dentist. They can perform an oral screen and examine the kind of staining your teeth exhibit, and they can determine which type of whitening would be most effective for you.

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